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Stand up and be counted.

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Last Year I joined a number of the Canadian MVPs for a day of NDA, skill improvement and general interactions.

For most of the sessions, the key word was caNaDA, so the only thing I can say about those sessions is the Microsoft has some interesting announcements coming up in the near future. Of course, some of the skill building sessions were not and I can talk about them.

There were several sessions on how to make presentations, from preparing to presenting. Unfortunately, there were a number of death by PowerPoint comments. PowerPoint is a tool and as such, the power of that tool is in the hands of the presenter. Only a poor workman blames their tools. PowerPoint has a lot of power and can greatly enhance a presentation, but you need to learn it properly and practice with it. It is not a crutch, so do not overload it with information. Keep it simple. The slides have a notes feature for highlighting points about the slide, possibly question that the slide may invoke.  Audience tend to ask if the slides will be published. So a little extra in the slides would be appreciated.


John Marshall… Visio MVP


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March 27, 2017 at 6:36 pm

Converting from PowerPoint to Visio

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Every so often I get requests about copying from PowerPoint to Visio and confusion about why it is not easy. The problem is that PowerPoint, like several of the other Office apps (Word, Excel and Publisher) have the ability to create Visio like drawings. These are not Visio drawings, just drawings that have Visio features (drag and drop, control handles and connected shapes). Actually, these apps have two methods for creating drawings. The classic method is to select an MSO shape from a drop down list (you can not add shapes) and the other is to use SmartArt. SmartArt is XML based and for those daring enough, they can create their own shapes.

The usual question was: So,  I can manipulate the MSO shapes in PowerPoint (or Excel, or Publisher or Word) why can I not continue doing this when I copy the drawing to Visio? What is copied to Visio, is just a collection of shapes with none of the connection smarts. The only thing you can do is ungroup, not a great user experience.

At one point, I did create a Visio stencil of the MSO shapes and was able to convert the  control handles of the more popular shapes, but it turns out that though the various Office apps used the same MSO shapes, how they were implemented in each app differed.

John Marshall… Visio MVP

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July 9, 2012 at 5:00 pm

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PowerPoint 2010 Transitions

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PowerPoint 2010 comes with more transitions. The following VBA code will cycle through all the slides in a slide deck and add a different transition to each slide. If there are more slides than transitions, the transitions are reused.

Public Sub SetTransition()

Dim Transitions() As Variant
Dim trans1 As Integer
Dim sld As slide

Transitions() = Array(3925, 3922, 3924, 3923, 3882, 3883, 3917, 3914, 3916, 3915, 3885, 3884, 3899, 3900, 3909, 3908, 3907, 3906, 3890, 3892, 3891, 3893, 3880, 3881, 3875, 3872, 3874, 3873, 3879, 3876, 3878, 3877, 3898, 3929, 3926, 3928, 3927, 3933, 3930, 3932, 3931, 3896, 3897, 3894, 3895, 3867, 3870, 3869, 3871, 3868, 3921, 3918, 3920, 3919, 3912, 3913, 3910, 3911, 3904, 3901, 3903, 3902, 3866, 3863, 3865, 3864, 3888, 3889, 3862, 3887, 3886)

Dim Trans As Variant
trans1 = 0

For Each sld In ActivePresentation.Slides
trans1 = trans1 + 1: If trans1 > UBound(Transitions) Then trans1 = 0
sld.SlideShowTransition.EntryEffect = Transitions(trans1)
Next sld

End Sub

John Marshall… Visio MVP

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May 6, 2011 at 11:15 pm

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