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Taming Geometry Sections in Visio

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Ever create a pair of shapes in Visio, butted them together and do a Union operations and find that the joining line between the shapes does not disappear and find that the new shape has two geometry sections? So, before you start to copy rows from one section to the other, place a rectangle shape over the offending line and union that with the original shape. You will now have one Geometry section. The rectangle does not have to be a precise match, just cover part of the line. You can then easily edit the Geometry section and delete the offending rows. Far easier than copying rows between Geometry Sections.

Recently I was creating shapes that basically looked like a stack of trapezoids. Rather than create the trapezoids, I created a stack of rectangles. Each rectangle was the width of the various cross sections and the height was the distance between transitions.  Once Unioned, I edited the shapesheet and deleted the extra rows that the rectangles created.

Next time I will talk about open shape surgery, a lesson learned from an old master.


John Marshall… Visio MVP


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November 22, 2015 at 2:29 am

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