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Visio Shape Data Dialog box

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You can add shape data in several places in Visio. To a shape, to a page or to a document. The first two have a dialog associated with them so the user can use the UI to modify the values. Though you can add shape data to the document shapesheet, you can not easily manipulate the shape data through the UI. So it would be handy to have the same dialog window to manipulate the shape data on the document shape sheet.

There have been many occassions when I have had to select a shape to get access to the shape’s shape data dialog and then unselect to get access to the pages shape data in the same dialog box. It would be useful if the shape data dialog box gave you access to all three at the same time. The information displayed would need some indicator so the user would know that they are affecting a shape, page or document. Group the areas, colour code them, use a different font style…?

John Marshall… Visio MVP


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May 24, 2011 at 1:48 pm

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