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WP7 app submitted, failed, resubmitted

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Over the weekend I submitted my first app and the submission process was not as scarey as expected. This morning I got notification that the app had failed, so it was on to the next step patch and resubmitted. It was not a big app, or a serious one, but it was one way to test the submission process and actually say I HAVE submitted a WP7 app.

The reason my app failed was that pressing the back button exited the program rather than return to the first “page”. Actually, the app only has one page and it flips between two images. The first image is the setup for the joke and the second page is the punch line. Since it is only one page, pressing the back button exits the app. Of course, they are correct and the back button should take you to the first image and from there the back butting can let you exit the program.

Since most of the “code” is in XAML for the animations, the patch more than doubled the amount of C# code.  I needed to capture the back button, add a variable to indicate whether I was on the second image and set it accordingly, test the variable so that it only canceled the back button when the second image was displayed, reset the variable and then performed the transition to the first image.

Going through the resubmisssion process was even easier that the submission process. All the settings made in the submission were retained and nothing needed to be re-entered. The one confusing thing is selecting the XAP to submit. There is a box with a plus sign in it and you click on it to select the file. Once done, there is no indication of what was selected until you press the done button. I am still not sure that I needed to do that because it used all the old information, it must have remembered where the old XAP was located.

In a strange way, I am hoping for another failure so I can see if I needed to select the XAP file location and the handling of the back button means that the button on the second image to return to the first can be removed.

John Marshall… Visio MVP

Written by johnvisiomvp

April 6, 2011 at 8:00 pm

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